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Gender Equality in a Brave New World!

When: Wednesday 21st March 17.30-19.30
Where: Jakobsbergsgatan 24, 111 44 Stockholm

Our world is changing – and fast. Technology isn’t only redefining the workplace, but also the companies and careers of tomorrow. The fourth industrial revolution is fusing the physical and digital worlds, bringing robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing into the world of business.

With the seemingly endless world of opportunities that is ahead of us also comes a number of new challenges that we must solve together. What role does quality have in the rise of new careers and rising demand of new competencies? In what ways will organizations need to redefine leadership and see past the traditional roles? How will it affect you and your responsibilities as an individual?

Inspired by EY’s breakout session during Women In Tech 2018, EY invites you for a discussion on the key challenges ahead in building and maintaining equality in this brave new world. EY is looking forward to sharing some trends on the topic but mostly they are excited to have interesting discussions and hearing what you have to say!

Dinner will be served during the event!🌟

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Breakfast with Combitech!

When: Friday 23rd February 8.15-10.00
Where: Gröten

The shortage of cyber security competence is a fact today and it will keep growing drastically. One of the problems is that we are missing out on a large part of the population due to the shortage of women that are interested in a career within cyber security. If we get more women interested in this important and challenging field we can solve part of the huge need, get new perspectives on problems as well as offer women an interesting career. Come find out why cyber security is a field for both men and women!

Lecturers: Pernilla Rönn and Maria Malm from Combitech
Number of seatings: 50

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Politikerdebatt - jämställdhet på agendan!

När: Tisdag 10de April 17.00-18.15
Plats: Nya Matsalen, Nymble

Välkommen på politikerdebatt!

I år är det valår, och det är hög tid att ta reda på politikernas ställning i jämställdhetsfrågan! Paula Lejonkula och Lisa Karthäuser frågar ut 8 politiker om jämställd utbildning, kvotering och #metoo.

Rossana Dinamarca (V)
Ann-Christin Ahlberg (S)
Charlotta Schenholm (L)
Gita Nabavi (Fi)
Paula Bieler (SD)
Erik Andersson (M)
Abir Al-Sahlani (C)
Per Bolund (MP)

Paula Lejonkula (Tidigare DO)
Lisa Karthäuser (Nyckeltalsinstitutet)

Fika serveras 17.00 till de 150 första på plats.

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Anmälan stänger den 3e april!

OBS! Detta event hålls på svenska! This event will be held in Swedish!

Opening event Jämställdhetsveckan 2018!

When: Monday 16th April 12.15-13.00
Where: Nya Matsalen, Nymble

Jämställdhetsveckan 2018 is FINALLY here!!!😍🙌🌟🎉

Come celebrate the opening of this incredible week with us! Jämställdhetsveckan’s project team will be there along with our main partner Ericsson, as well as the inspiring Anna Wahl and Alice Marshall, to explain why we all work towards a more equal society.

A light lunch will be served. We cannot wait to kickstart the week together with YOU!

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Effektiva team och jämställdhet– en inspirationskväll hos Acando

När: Måndag 16de April 17.30-21.00
Plats: Vasagatan 16

Välkommen till en kväll med caseworkshop och inspirationsföreläsning hos Acando! Kvällens fokus är gruppdynamik och effektiva team utifrån en jämställdhetsvinkel.

Kvällen börjar med en kort föreläsning där Acando berättar om sitt traineeprogram och hur de arbetar med jämställdhet. Ni kommer därefter få testa på några verktyg för att förbättra gruppeffektivitet, och lösa ett enklare live-case från en av Acandos nyckelkunder. Gruppdynamik, jämställdhet och fördelarna med ett diversifierat team kommer diskuteras under kvällen.

Middag kommer serveras och det kommer finnas gott om tid till mingel under kvällens gång.

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Anmälan stänger den 12e april!

OBS! Detta event hålls på svenska! This event will be held in Swedish!

Nyckeltalsinstitutet - the figures behind gender equality

When: Tuesday 17th April 8.30-10.00
Where: Gröten, Nymble

Breakfast with Nyckeltalsinstitutet – learn more about the figures behind gender equality in Sweden.

How can you measure gender equality and what is JÄMIX Jämställdhetsindex?
What about gender diversity and career paths within KTH and other Swedish universities/colleges? We present which companies are at the forefront and some of the gender differences in various industries.

Welcome to meet us and discuss these topics at 8.30 on Tuesday morning, April the 17th!

Anders Johrén, expert on key figures and one of the founders of Nyckeltalsinstitutet and Lisa Karthäuser, strategic HR consultant.

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Lunch with Ericsson - diversity, equality and leadership

When: Tuesday 17th April 12.15-13.00
Where: Nya matsalen, Nymble

How do you think about diversity and equality when you are a leader? Especially when you are a leader in an organization that spans 180 countries, speaks 86% of the worlds language and work in an industry that has too few women. Come join us at our lunch lecture and get into the mind of Johan Torstensson, Head of IT & Chief Information Officer at Ericsson. Learn why diversity is important for Ericsson and our new CEO not to mention for Johan himself and how we work with it. Did we mention that you will also get lunch?

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Inspirational talks- what I would say to my teenage self

When: Tuesday 17th April 17.15-20.00
Where: Gamble & Nymble Pub

Welcome to an inspiring evening where four voices will tell their stories! They will each have 15 minutes to tell you about their experiences within gender equality, and what they’ve learned along the way.

💥 Johanna Mannung - Initiator of the #metoo call to action within the tech sector - #teknisktfel and IT Security Architect at the Swedish Police Authority
💥 Jakob Ström - creator of the short film “Kära pappa”/“Dear dad” that went viral in 2015. The film highlights abuse and harassment that women and girls face and encourages men and fathers take action.
💥 Katja Grillner - Professor of Critical Studies in Architecture, and co-­founder of the feminist architecture teaching and research group FATALE. She works at KTH and offers courses in Architecture and gender.
💥 Frida Caballero - engineer student (reliable aircraft- and space systems) and Content Development Manager for Womengineer. Womengineer's goal is that by 2030 50% of all graduated engineers in Sweden to be women. This goal is based on their belief that gender equality within the engineering profession will benefit Swedish growth and Welfare.

After the speeches the pub in Nymble will open its doors for you! You’ll get to play games, bead bracelets and take our quiz about gender equality. 3 lucky winners in our quiz will receive a gift card at ICA worth 500 kr! The pub is open to everyone - no sign up needed!

Speeches: 17:15-18:15
Pub: 18:00-20:00

The first 100 to arrive get fika! 🙂
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Panel Discussion, Case Training and Savings with Nordnet

When: Wednesday 18th April 08.15-10.00
Where: Gröten, Nymble

Get to know Nordnet during an exciting morning event! Peter Dahlgren (Nordnet's CEO) and Tuva Palm (CPO and CTO) will be there to tell you about Nordnet's initiatives for gender equality and diversity. Two women from Nordnet's management team: Jenny Garneij and Tuva Palm, will participate in a panel discussion on diversity and gender equality in the banking and IT sector together with Sandra Lillienberg (Product Owner), Aline Pickler (Software Engineer) and Anna Axell (Software Engineer). Finally, Nordnet's saving economist Joakim Bornold and Chief Operating Officer Carina Tovi will talk about the difference in savings between genders. Take this opportunity to ask Nordnet's leaders, saving economist and CEO your questions!

Breakfast will be served during the event!
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Evening with Netlight

When: Wednesday 18th April 17.30-20.30
Where: Birger Jarlsgatan 7

Are you curious about gender equality, want to learn more about Netlighter's experiences and knowledge about equality at their workplaces and discuss what you can do about it on a daily basis? Then this is an event you don't want to miss!

You are invited to Netlight’s office where we will start the evening at 17.30 with some dinner and talks from Netlight’s IT consultants Mia Clarke, Niklas Skaar and Marie Stålkrantz. The evening will then continue with a workshop in small groups where we will further discuss gender equality and take this opportunity to learn more from one another.

There will be food and drinks for everyone, and of course some Netlighters to share your thoughts and mingle with.

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Anna Wahl - jämställdhet i studiemiljön

När: Torsdag 19e April 8.15-10.00
Plats: Gröten, Nymble

Välkommen till ett spännande frukostevent lett av Anna Wahl om jämställdhet!

Anna Wahl, vicerektor med ansvar för jämställdhet och värdegrund på KTH inleder frukosten med en föreläsning kring jämställdhet. Detta görs för att få en ökad förståelse kring hur olika strukturer ser ut i olika organisationer samt vad genus har för inverkan på dessa. Detta följs utav en workshop där vi kommer att utgå ifrån en miljö som vi alla känner igen oss i - studiemiljön!

Syftet med workshopen är att reflektera och ta ställning till vad man anser är ojämställt för att sedan öppna upp för diskussion kring de utmaningar som finns för att nå jämställdhet.

Vi hoppas att detta event öppnar upp för en spännande diskussion kring jämställdhet och framförallt att man får nya perspektiv i ämnet.

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OBS! Detta event hålls på svenska! This event will be held in Swedish!

Knightec - our take on gender equality

When: Thursday 19th April 12.15-13.00
Where: Nya Matsalen, Nymble

Welcome to a lunch event with Knightec!

Are you curious about gender equality and diversity at the workplace? Do you want to find out what perspective Knightec has on equality and how they work with it? Then this is an event for you!

The lunch lecture will start off with a few Knightec consultants sharing their personal views and thoughts about equality. They will then take you through a crash course in gender equality and highlight the issues with a “macho culture”. Realising that diversity is a winning concept, Knightec will present their own effort to make their workplace more equal!

VERA, Knightec’s newly started female network, will be there to tell you about how this network emerged.

Don’t miss out - we are sure you will learn something new about gender equality and the successes that diversity brings!

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Machofabriken with MÄN

When: Thursday 19th April 17.15-19.15
Where: Kröken

Welcome to an introduction to Machofabriken, the method that examines the connections between destructive masculinity and violence. Try-out parts of our material, participate in the workshop and the interactive exercises, join in on an exciting and critical journey. To work with Machofabriken raises a lot of new thoughts and inspires a process where old maps are challenged and new ones are drawn collectively.

Sushi will be served!

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Peab - Morgondagens inkluderande bygg- och anläggningsföretag

När: Fredag 20e April 8.15-10.00
Plats: Gröten, Nymble

Morgondagens medarbetare ser mångfald och jämställdhet som en självklarhet. Peab har den senaste tiden kraftigt höjt tempot i förändringsarbetet kring mångfald, jämställdhet och likabehandling. För oss är jämställdhet en central del av att arbeta hållbart. Dock har hela vår bransch en utmaning på det området. Nu vill vi föra en dialog och lyssna, ni studenter är så viktiga för oss. Vi vill ha den bästa kompetensen och den finns hos båda könen. Skickliga medarbetare ser olika ut och har olika bakgrunder. Blandat är bäst! Peab hållbarhetschef Maria Hernroth håller i en workshop där vi tillsammans bearbetar frågor som vad som krävs för en jämställd byggbransch, hur jämställdhet kopplar till hållbar utveckling, hur vi får fler ungdomar att välja icke-könsstereotypa utbildningar och hur en inkluderande, jämställd arbetsgivare ska vara. Välkomna!

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Anmälan stänger den 16e april!

OBS! Detta event hålls på svenska! This event will be held in Swedish!

SVT - towards diversity both on and offscreen

When: Friday 20th April 12.15-13.00
Where: Nya Matsalen, Nymble

Welcome to a lunch event with SVT!

At this lunch lecture you will hear how Anna Sommansson and Gereon Kåver from SVT works to ensure that their workplace is diverse both on- and off-screen. Anna Sommansson is the project and group manager at SVT Children and is responsible for producing, among many other things, Julkalendern. She will share how SVT works with preconception and prejudice in video production. Gereon Kåver works at SVT interaktiv, SVTi, within the children area, and will share his thoughts on how to work with diversity in a digital environment - moving further from equality to innovation.

Lunch will be served at the event!

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